Laser System Solutions for the Medical Industry

Areas of Application in the Medical Industry

Depth scales on carbide dental drills

Laser marking of titanium bone screwsAnnealing marking is the ideal process for marking tasks in the dental industry. Precise depth scale markings within the millimeter range are absolutely wear-proof and do not impair the material of the drill because the material is merely subjected to selective heating in order to change its color characteristics. In addition, selective parametrization of the laser can be used to change the color of the scale in order to further enhance the legibility of the depth scale.

Marking of technical ceramics

Marking of technical ceramicsIn medical applications, materials and parts must undergo frequent cleaning. High temperatures, aggressive chemicals or ultrasonic baths are frequently used for sterilizing medical equipment. These applications pose very high requirements for markings and scales on individual parts. For these applications, laser marking and engraving also offer the great advantage that – compared to conventional processes – no substance is applied to the material. Instead, the properties of the material are changed, which results in discoloration, or as an alternative, deep engraving is carried out.

Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras and Dual-Camera Preview

Ultra-high-resolution dual-camera systems by ACSYS.The LAS – Live Adjust System camera set-up module by ACSYS makes working with the laser very efficient.

2D and 3D graphics as well as text can be edited directly on the workpiece using camera-based editing. A dual-camera solution provides an additional ultra-high-resolution preview of the workpiece straight through the laser beam.

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Laser marking of titanium bone screws

Laser marking of titanium bone screwsPermanent marking of bone screws and titanium threads. The surface of the material remains unchanged during the marking process. The high precision of the laser makes it possible to store a large amount of information in a very small space.

Plastic marking of a hearing aid

Plastic marking of a hearing aidA number of different processes are used to mark plastic. Certain types of plastics can be marked by means of foaming. Hereby, the laser beam fuses the surface of the plastic. Other surfaces can be carbonized. The laser beam penetrates into the material and is absorbed by color pigments. When the pigments change chemically, this causes the color of the material to change. In many cases it is also possible to engrave plastic materials.

Quick laser marking and engraving of medical instruments

Quick laser marking and engraving of medical instrumentsThe laser is ideally suited for precise marking and engraving on all sorts of metals in mass production. Whether bulk items are provided palletized or loose on trays, ACSYS always has the perfect solution for the series production of bulk items.


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Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. The AC-LASER Software Suite is the ideal software package for the machining of material using the laser.

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