Laser Burn Cutting

Laser cutting by ACSYSThe image on the right shows the basic principle of laser burn cutting.

Oxygen is used as the cutting gas for laser burn cutting. The laser penetrates into the metal and heats the material up. The oxygen is blown into the cutting joint at pressures of up to 6 bar. Then the heated metal reacts with the oxygen, thereby releasing more energy. The energy input is significantly increased by the exothermic reaction. This way, laser burn cutting allows high cutting speeds and the processing of thick metal sheets.

Quick and Efficient

Laser burn cutting of 4 mm steel.The SHARK cut with an LAS cut module. Laser burn cutting of 4 mm steel.Laser burn cutting is recommended for heavy-duty metal processing and for workpieces whose visual appearance will continue to change due to paint application or other subsequent processing. The LAS – Live Adjust System® cut by ACSYS is available as an option.

The LAS cut by ACSYS displays the usable machining area on the screen so that cutting layouts can be positioned with maximum precision. This way, the optimum placement of new layouts is guaranteed. Reduce your production waste and rejects, and reduce your setup times to a minimum.

ACSYS Laser Cutting Centers

Laser burn cutting of 5 mm steel - steelLaser burn cutting with laser cutting systems by ACSYSDue to their compact design and high degree of flexibility, the ACSYS laser cutting centers are in a class of their own and are setting new benchmarks. Automatic distance control and highly dynamic linear motors guarantee extremely precise machining results in minimum time for sheet metal sizes up to 700 x 1000 m². Additionally, a software-controlled dividing head as a fourth rotary axis and a manually adjustable fifth axis can be used for interpolated laser cutting. This allows the machining of round parts.


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Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. The AC-LASER Software Suite is the ideal software package for the machining of material using the laser.

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We can offer you machine extensions using different options provided by ACSYS in order to configure the perfect production equipment for your specific requirements.

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