Laser Remote Cutting

Laser cutting by ACSYSThe image on the right shows laser-remote-cutting (sublimation cutting) of aluminum foil as an example.

For laser-remote-cutting the laser beam is moved using a highly dynamic galvo scanner. This way, in combination with a fiber laser, contour speeds of more than 100 m/min can be achieved. Complicated contours and high accuracy requirements do not pose a problem for laser-remote-cutting.

The laser-cut edges are characterized by a very small burr and very slight surface roughness. A broad range of materials can be processed. Due to the higher cutting speed, the heat impact zone for laser-remote-cutting is smaller than for classic laser cutting.

In comparison to punching, the advantages of laser cutting are cost reductions for both tool production and sharpening of punching tools as well as the reduced noise level within the production area.

The large distance between the scanner and workpiece means that very small deflections within the beam deflection system will result in long lengths at the workpiece. Because of this transmission ratio and the relatively small moved masses, high contour speeds can be achieved at the workpiece.

Laser-Remote-Cutting (Sublimation Cutting)

Laser-remote-cutting (laser sublimation cutting) with laser cutting systems by ACSYS Cut carbon (see to the left for the process).Laser-remote-cutting (sublimation cutting) is the laser cutting of very thin and sensitive materials, which are cut without the use of cutting gases. This means that the laser alone evaporates the material, thereby removing the material layer by layer and creating a very thin cutting gap. This process offers unique solutions for processing a wide range of very different composite materials.

LAS – Live Adjust System®

 Remote cutting of aluminum foil - aluminum foilPIRANHA II Multi. Laser remote cutting of aluminum foil (see above for the process).The camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System significantly simplifies the setup process and allows the precise positioning of even the smallest of workpieces. A continuous digital zoom function reveals the detailed features of the workpiece. This way, layouts can be placed with high precision. An exact preview shows the target result on the screen. New layouts can be created directly on the workpiece without having to take additional measurements.


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