Deep Engraving

Laser Engraving IconThe image on the right shows the basic principle of deep laser engraving.

Deep engraving means that the surface of the workpiece is removed to a certain depth, thereby creating a visible marking on the workpiece.

High-precision deep laser engraving by means of fusion displacement and evaporating is made possible with the AC LASER Software and laser machining centers by ACSYS.

Deep Engraving with the Laser

Deep engraving of a mold for the plastics industryDeep engraving of date stamps using the laser.Both deep engraving and deep marking are technologies, which are based on the same process principle – the laser-induced removal of material by means of fusion displacement or evaporation of molten material. The thermal energy of the laser is used for fusing and evaporating the material in a very specific location. The specific parametrization ensures that the desired exact engraving depth is achieved. The high precision of ACSYS products has guaranteed both the quality and repeatability of applications for many years.

For further examples please see applications under metals.


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