Frosting & Surface Texturing

Laser Engraving IconThe laser can be used for the defined structuring of tool surfaces. Typically, relatively small structural elements that are repeated continuously, but not necessarily visibly, are engraved in order to create a smooth – and in some cases polished – surface.

Lasers have a special role in areas where this structure is transferred to molded workpieces. For example, this process makes it possible to create textures selectively in certain areas of injection mold inserts and mold inserts using the laser. These structures may be made up of geometrical elements in order to produce a certain visual impression or may consist of irregular textural units, for example as they occur in leather grains or in a brushed wooden structure. The textures must be available to the software program as a 3D data model.

The image on the right shows various surface structures / textures on stainless steel, which have been created with the laser.


A process that has been developed by ACSYS for the exact replication of the “sandblasting” effect when laser frosting.

A process that has been developed by ACSYS for the exact replication of the "sandblasting" effect when laser frosting.

Another application is selective “frosting” of polished molded tools, for example minting dies for coins or medals. Unlike the process, in which paint or a similar protective coating is first applied to the die and then manually removed from certain areas that are to be frosted under the microscope using a scalpel before irradiation, frosting with a laser machining system requires considerably less effort. The entire process time is significantly reduced and the result no longer depends on an employee’s steady hand.

High-resolution camera preview for precise results

acsys_sechs_unterschiedliche_partielle_laserfrostings_large-x2 (Close-up view) Six different partial laser frostings on a polished coin minting stamp.A high-precision dual-camera solution. The first camera captures the work area, whereas the second camera “views” straight through the laser beam, thereby providing a high-resolution image of the workpiece. The areas that are to be frosted can comfortably be defined on screen with the mouse using a high magnification. Also, lasers open up entirely new possibilities in terms of design, since – in addition to traditional frosting with the aim of producing a matt surface – an unlimited number of other textures with interesting visual effects can be applied.


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