Micro Engraving

Laser Engraving IconLasers not only allow the creation of point-shaped and line-shaped structures, but can also produce complex shapes through the removal of material layer by layer. This process represents enormous progress in the area of authenticity certification within the µm-range.

Typical applications are the manufacturing of embossing stamps for authenticity certification, quality seals or the application of forgery-proof protective trademarks.

High-precision 3D engraving in the micrometer range ensures the creation of virtually forgery-proof authenticity certification. Today, assay offices and jewelry manufacturers all over the world rely on the exacting quality of premium products by ACSYS Lasertechnik.

The image on the right shows micro laser engraving of a punch for the authenticity certification of jewelry.

Micro laser engraving on step chip breakers

3D micro laser engraving of a step chip breaker on a reversible plate. 3D laser engraving of a step chip breaker on a cutting tool.One area of micro laser engraving and 3D laser engraving is the creation of step chip breakers on tools.

In general, it is either very time-consuming or simply impossible to create the structure mechanically, for example by milling, because of the small size and high resolution of the structural elements.


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