Annealing Marking

Laser Marking IconWhen metal is heated, its color is altered due to an annealing effect. This effect is created because of structural changes in the outer metal layer. The laser allows the creation of areas and structures / textures on the workpiece surface in different colors without the use of additives.

The image on the right shows annealing colors on stainless steel, which have been created with the laser.

Annealing marking with the laser

The table below shows examples of different annealing colors of unalloyed tool steel.

Annealing colors for unalloyed tool steel Annealing temp. °C
Whitish yellow weissgelb 200
Straw yellow strohgelb 220
Golden yellow goldgelb 230
Yellowish brown gelbbraun 240
Brownish red braunrot 250
Red rot 260
Purple red purpurrot 270
Violet violet 280
Dark blue dunkelblau 290
Cornflower blue kornblumenblau 300
Light blue hellblau 320
Bluish gray blaugrau 340
Grey grau 660

Annealing marking of steel keys for keyboards Large-area seamless annealing marking of stainless steel front panels

The highly exact mechanical construction of ACSYS laser systems and the laser focusing allow the positioning of the colors within the µm-range. The marked workpieces are temperature-stable up to the annealing temperature.

For further examples please see applications under Metals.


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