Laser Marking IconThe image on the right shows the basic principle of carbonizing with the laser. The AC-LASER Software and laser machining centers by ACSYS allow the marking of plastics with virtually no damage to the plastic surface.


Carbonizing: Color alteration and bleaching with the laser

Bleaching by means of laser carbonizing of plastics.Carbonizing of plastics with the laser. ID rings of water meters. This effect can only be achieved with plastics, certain types of paint and a few technical ceramics. The effect depends on the wave length of the laser beam. The laser beam penetrates into the material and is absorbed by color pigments. When the pigments change chemically, this causes the color of the material to change. Since the laser beam penetrates into the plastic, the surface of the material remains virtually undamaged. The change in color depends on both the pigment and basic material.

Markability of plastics (guideline)

Material Natural state Transparent Bright coloring Dark coloring
PE TriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PP Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PVC Triangle TriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PS Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
S/B Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
SAN Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
ABS Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
ASA Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
ASA + PC Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
PMMA Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PPE + S/B Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
PA Triangle Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
POM Triangle Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PBT Triangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
PSE, PSU TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangle
PC TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle
PEEK TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle

Key:Triangle = poor /TriangleTriangleTriangleTriangleTriangle = excellent


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