Laser Marking IconThe image on the right shows the basic principle of foaming using the laser. The AC-LASER Software and laser processing centers by ACSYS allow the selective and slightly raised marking of the plastic surface.

Due to their multi-axis functionality, ACSYS laser systems offer the possibility of marking large-area lengths of plastic in a single working step.

Foaming of plastics with the laser

Laser foaming of plastics (PVC) (sample word width: 25 mm).Plastics laser marking by means of foaming (material: PP)Certain types of plastics can be marked by means of foaming. Hereby, the laser beam fuses the surface of the plastic.

During this process, gas bubbles are created in the plastic, which are included in the material during the cooling-down phase. Because of the included gas, the volume of the affected material increases and the locations, which have been laser-processed, appear raised.


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