ACSYS Industrielaser SystemeACSYS laser systems – from standard machines to customized solutions.

The ACSYS product range offers the optimized system for all tasks in material processing using a laser. Due to our unique adaptability, all standard machines can be extended to operate as individual customized solutions.

The system configuration will be determined by the required application. Depending of the customer’s requirement, we will integrate various laser types such as the fiber laser or CO2 laser with very different power ratings and wavelengths in the system. Extensions with multi-axis functionality for linear and rotary movements and the integration of special modules, such as camera programming via the LAS – Live Adjust System, ODC – Online Depth Control or OPR – Optical Part Recognition, allow us to configure a production system that is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

Heavy Metal & Hard Rock

ACSYS Hard Rock & Heavy Metal ACSYS Hard Rock & Heavy MetalThe ACSYS metal processing department is at the beginning of the production line. Here, the basic frame of the laser system is built from high-strength steel or alternatively in combination with polymer concrete and granite. High-precision production processes form the basis for the high quality and durability of ACSYS laser systems.

Our holistic view of the machine and the workpiece processing task allows us to achieve extremely exact solutions, which are uncompromisingly tailored to specific processes and products. Our vertical range of manufacture forms the basis for maximum flexibility of our laser systems.



A highly robust, vibration-free machine layout made of granite.

A highly robust, vibration-free machine layout made of granite.

Modular Design for highest flexibility and maximum efficiency

Modular Design for highest flexibility and maximum efficiency

Unisono – Mechanical Precision

ACSYS Unisono – mechanical precision ACSYS Unisono – mechanical precisionThe mechanical production department is responsible for ensuring the flexibility of the system. This department fits each laser system individually with traversing axes and optional mechanical extensions.

Our broad machine portfolio allows us to react flexibly to product-specific and productions-specific requirements using adapted system solutions.

Highly dynamic linear drives and glass scales for maximum repeatable accuracy, process safety and flexibility.

Highly dynamic linear drives and glass scales for maximum repeatable accuracy, process safety and flexibility.

Electronic Wiring

ACSYS electronic interconnectionACSYS electronic wiring The intelligent wiring of the individual modules results in a highly efficient, flexible and functional system. Our systems communicate via state-of-the-art bus system technology and periphery.

The perfectly prepared mechanical system is then handed over to the electrical department. The department fits each system with the required drive and control electronics and carries out functional tests of the movement modules.

For us, reliability is not just a quality aspect, but a fundamental element of our company and product philosophy.

Modular Design

Electronic interconnection and modular design of the laser system solutions by ACSYS.ACSYS laser systems have a modular design.

This modular design is the basis, on which each customized solution by ACSYS is developed. The basic systems are designed by our engineers using CAD systems and according to the requirements of the customer. This way, the best possible cost-benefit-factor can be achieved for the customer.

Apart from the modular design, the laser system solutions by ACSYS also take the ease of maintenance and upgrade capability into consideration. Each ACSYS system can be extended easily at a later stage and adapted to the customer’s growing requirements.

The Laser - The heart of the material processing systems by ACSYS

ACSYS offers various laser sourcesACSYS offers various laser sources for a wide range of very different materials and machining processes. Power ratings from 0.5 to 1000 Watt ensure that we will have the optimum configuration for all your applications. Our portfolio ranges from fiber lasers and diode-pumped systems to CO2 lasers, which are operated either as a pulsed or cw laser beam source.

10_acsys_illustration_laserdiagramm_enAll laser beam sources, which are used in ACSYS laser systems, require very little maintenance, have a very long service life and most of them are air-cooled. The ACSYS laser experts will consult you on the basis of their comprehensive knowledge. They will carry out extensive tests in order to recommend the suitable laser source or, in certain cases, a combination of several beam sources, which will perfectly fulfill all your requirements. The diagram gives you an overview of the laser beam sources and wavelengths for the respective absorption rates of different materials.

Perfect symbiosis of laser and machine.

The ACSYS laser systems have a modular design. This way, our engineers are able to perfectly tailor the entire system to your requirements. Furthermore, ACSYS offers a broad range of optional modules, which extend the application possibilities of the laser system.


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