Automation & Light Barrier

BARRACUDA® – Automation & light barrier

The 3-station rotary table laser system by ACSYS has been predominantly developed for automation tasks. On the left side of the machine the laser system is loaded using a robot gripper system. Then the rotary table moves the parts into the system and in front of the laser. There the workpieces are automatically marked.

After the parts have been marked, the rotary table rotates the workpieces out of the laser system. Then the workpieces are picked up by a second robot gripper and placed on a conveyor belt.

The workpieces are placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the base plate of the rotary table in order to prevent their movement during the rotation. The diagonal z-axis of the laser system is installed at an angle of 45 degrees, which means that it is perpendicular to the part, which has been positioned at the same angle.

BARRACUDA® – Automation & light barrierAn electrical lift door on the side of the machine allows the user to use the laser system for the flexible manufacturing of individual pieces.

The 2 m high light barrier in front of the rotary table system stops the system automatically in the event that the machine is accidentally approached during automatic operation.

The laser system uses a customized adaptation of the AC-LASER Software Suite by ACSYS. A database connection to the company´s in-house SAP R3 system allows the automatic setup of the system using a barcode scanner.

BARRACUDA® – 3-station rotary table laser system with light barrier and barcode scanner.

acsys_barracuda_Lichtvorhang_highslide_large_01-x2acsys_barracuda_Lichtvorhang_highslide_large_02-x2Readers for DataMatrix codes and barcodes


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