BARRACUDA® Technical Data

Housing Laser class 1 Laser class 1
Dimensions W/H/D (mm) 1400 x 2100 x 1800 1600 x 2150 x 1600
Weight approx. (kg) 1200 2500
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 300 150
Inner surface (mm) 1200 x 750 850 x 1300
Working area
Traverses x/y/z (mm) 750 x 350 x 370 450 x 540 x 300
Usable range at optics with 110 x 110 mm² (mm) 860 x 460 x 370 560 x 650 x 300
Max. working height with 70 x 70 mm²
machining area (mm)
390 380
Max. working height with 170 x 170 mm²
machining area (mm)
230 140

The values will vary depending on the configuration. Please contact us for binding details at any time.


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