Cable Automat

PIRANHA® – Automatic Marking of Cables

The PIRANHA cable automat has been designed for continuous marking of cables and wires with protective sheaths. The company’s internal database connection allows the use of a specific, consecutive numbering and classification with date or similar.

The cable machine can process wires and cables up to a diameter of 3 mm. Larger cable diameter are possible and require an adjustment of the cable management system. The laser system uses the “Marking on the Fly” principle and marks the cable as it is pulled through the system.

The cable management system is removable so that the laser system can be used flexible with the built in LAS – Live Adjust System.

High Precision Marking of Cables – Marking on the Fly

acsys_PIRANHA_Kabelautomat_highslide_large_04-x2Marking on the flyThe PIRANHA cable automat marks the cables according to the “Marking on the Fly” principle. The cable is fed into the machine on the left side. The cable management system positions the cable exactly under the galvo laser system.

The laser marks the cable as it is pulled through the system.

PIRANHA® Cable Management System

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