Automation with OPR


Based on the PIRANHA we have created a machine, which is a symbiosis of fully automated processing and OPR – Optical Parts Recognition.The two side loading and unloading lift stations each have a capacity of 20 trays, in which the workpieces are placed. The watch parts are prepositioned using a grate.The system moves one tray at a time from the loading lift station under the laser camera head.

Initially the optical parts recognition by the ACSYS OPR was carried out. The watch bases were detected with regard to their position and rotational angle. Then they were automatically processed with the laser.After the entire tray has been marked, it is automatically moved to the unloading lift station, and the system continues with the processing of the next tray.

Automation with OPR – Optical Parts Recognition

In principle, the systems and products by ACSYS can be used in a modular manner, thereby allowing a highly effective adaptation to customer requirements.

In this case, the OPR in connection with a fully automated mechanical system solution is complemented with a company in-house database connection. When a new job order for the machine is received, the parameters and marking data for the machine are read and fed into the machine via barcode scanner.

The universal trays do not have to be changed for different workpieces. The workpieces are loosely placed in the trays and automatically recognized by the OPR.

2-Station Rotary Swing Table

2-station rotary swing tableIn addition to the two loading and unloading stations, the PIRANHA is equipped with a rotary table with a light barrier. This allows the parallel processing of individual parts and small production series during peak times.

The light barrier provides added safety for the machine operator. If an object moves between the light barrier, the laser system stops the rotational movement of the rotary table immediately.

OPR – Optical Parts Recognition

OPR - Optical Parts RecognitionThe optical parts recognition enables the fully automated processing of non-palletized loose parts. The software recognizes the position and rotational angle of the workpieces and processes them in the previously trained location.

Top image: The prepositioned watch parts in the tray are detected by the camera. The software recognizes the position and rotational angle of the parts. The software marks / engraves the workpieces in the previously trained location.

LAS – Live Adjust System

Laser galvo head with ASC and high-resolution LAS Pro camera for the OPR function.Laser galvo head and high-resolution camera with a ring-shaped lamp. The LAS Pro was used for this system.

The laser galvo head is equipped with an Automatic Scanner Calibration (ASC).

The Automatic Scanner Calibration of the laser scan head balances possible ambient temperature variations within the vicinity and the laser system.


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