Drawer solution with OPR

BARRACUDA® Drawer solution with OPR

A customized solution by ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH, which has been based on the BARRACUDA.

The BARRACUDA is fitted with two large drawers for parallel loading of the system during peak times.

The parts are loosely placed in the drawers. The integrated camera system (OPR – Optical Parts Recognition with automatic processing) detects the parts with regard to their position and rotational angle and then marks them automatically.

The system also has a company in-house database connection, which allows the user to combine previously learned marking and engraving programs with consecutive serial numbers.

The electric segment door allows the flexible processing of individual workpieces. The camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System® significantly simplifies the setup process and allows the precise positioning of even the smallest of workpieces. A continuous digital zoom function reveals the detailed features of the workpiece.

Drawer handling

BARRACUDA® bottom drawer open.BARRACUDA® top drawer open.The integrated drawers allow the user to efficiently load and unload one drawer while the second drawer is processed inside the laser system at the same time.

The combination of the Optical Parts Recognition and automatic processing results in significantly reduced cycle times.


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