Roll-On Automation

BARRACUDA® Roll-On Automation

The workpieces are fed to the BARRACUDA with Roll-On Automation via a roller conveyor. For laser marking, a fully automated gripper system positions the workpieces in front of the horizontally aligned galvo head at the correct focal distance. The marking data is called up via the company’s in-house database connection.

The camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System® checks the marking result. Then the finished workpieces are output onto roll-on pallets. In addition, a T-groove plate can be placed above the roller conveyor and the galvo head can be swiveled into the vertical position. This allows a conventional use of the laser system for the laser processing of individual parts and small production series.

Laser marking with Roll-On Automation

The BARRACUDA® is loaded and unloaded for different workpiece sizes using roll-on pallets. The workpiece handling using a magnetic gripper system allows the fully automated processing of the pallets.

The AC-LASER checks the legibility of the lasered DataMatrix code after each work run.

Magnetic Gripper System

Magnetic gripper systemThe software-controlled magnetic gripper system manages the parts handling within the work area and significantly increases the level of automation.

For laser processing, the workpieces are automatically placed in front of the galvo head. After processing has finished, they are placed on the workpiece mount. This way, if the laser system is extended accordingly, palletized workpieces can be processed over night or at weekends.

Swiveling Galvo Head

Swiveling galvo headWith the help of the manual swiveling galvo head and additional worktop, the setup of the BARRACUDA with Roll-On Automation can be changed from series production to the manufacturing of individual parts within seconds.

This way, both the functionality and scope of processable parts can be significantly extended.
As an option, the galvo head can be fitted with a software-controlled electrical galvo head swiveling mechanism. Then, the galvo head can be continuously positioned from the horizontal to the vertical position. As a result, even complex workpieces can be processed with the laser in a single working step.

DataMatrix Code

DataMatrix CodeThe DataMatrix Code (DMC) has become established as an alternative to the barcode. It is now increasingly used for ensuring the traceability of workpieces in industrial environments. Due to the high data density, a significantly larger amount of information can be stored within a very small space. The DataMatrix Code is also regarded as very robust. Even if up to 25 percent of the DataMatrix Code are covered, hidden, illegible or destroyed, it is possible to fully reconstruct the information. The generating of DataMatrix codes and barcodes with text, serial numbers and/or time stamps is part of the standard functions of the AC-LASER Software Suite.


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