Dual-Laser & Automation

PIRANHA® Dual-Laser & Automation

The PIRANHA with dual-laser and conveyor belt can be operated in both fully automated mode and single mode. In automatic mode, preconfigured pallets are placed on the front conveyor belt of the two conveyor belts and automatically pulled into the machine one after the other. In this case, cylindrical carbide parts are simultaneously marked on top and bottom using two separate laser sources. After the pallet has been completely processed, it is automatically transported from the machine on the rear conveyor belt. Then the laser system collects another pallet from the front conveyor belt autonomously.

Mechanical Options

  • Input and output conveyor belt with software-controlled stops.
  • Two laser sources, one of which writes from top to bottom and the other from the bottom to the top.
  • Working height incl. conveyor belt approx. 980 mm.
  • Option for height adjustment of the system by approx. 200 mm.
  • Apart from the automatic conveyor belt operation, the system can also flexibly process individual parts using both lasers.

Customer Benefits

  • acsys_piranha_doppellaser_highslide_largel_03-x2PIRANHA® dual-laser and automation in action.Time-savings: Parallel loading and unloading during peak times and automated marking on both sides.
  • Cost-savings: Reduced scrap due to partially automated processes. A barcode scanner compares the order data with the workpiece blank.
  • Quality increases: Adoption of the order data from the database.
  • Quality increases: The operator data, manufacturing date and serial number are automatically integrated in the marking to ensure exact traceability.


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