Precision with Granite Table

BARRACUDA® Precision with Granite Table

Our heavy-weight for maximum precision. This BARRACUDA is fitted with an extremely large granite bed and has a weight of more than 3.5 tons. It is absolutely vibration-free for maximum requirements regarding the exactness of workpieces with a width of up to 2.5 m and a depth of up to 1 m.

Linear Axes with Glass Scales

Interior view of the BARRACUDA.Linear axes with glass scales for maximum precision and dynamics.In order to ensure the precision of this laser system within the micrometer range across such a large area, glass scales are installed in ACSYS high-precision systems. The advantage of this equipment is that the traverses are not just extremely precise, but also work in a highly dynamic way.

Modular Design

High-precision laser processing system with a vibration-free foundation.ACSYS laser systems have a modular design.

This modular design is the basis, on which each customized solution by ACSYS is developed. The basic systems are designed by our engineers using CAD systems and according to the requirements of the customer. This way, the best possible cost-benefit-factor can be achieved for the customer.

acsys_barracuda_Praezision_mit_Granittisch_highslide_large_02-x2Apart from the modular design, the laser system solutions by ACSYS also take the ease of maintenance and upgrade capability into consideration. Each ACSYS system can be extended easily at a later stage and adapted to the customer´s changing requirements.



For optimal processes
Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. The AC-LASER Software Suite is the ideal software package for the machining of material using the laser.

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For every need
We can offer you machine extensions using different options provided by ACSYS in order to configure the perfect production equipment for your specific requirements.

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Your requirement is what motivates us.
According to this motto, we are taking on your challenge and work together with you in order to find the best possible solution for your application requirements.

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