Laser welding with dividing head

PIRANHA® High-precision laser welding of stainless steel

The PIRANHA with dividing head is optimized for fast and precise laser welding of stainless steels. The generous work surface of the PIRANHA and precision dividing head offer the user great flexibility regarding size and scope of the various components to be welded.

The LAS – Live Adjust System shows a high-resolution camera image of the component in advance and allows the precise alignment of the weld seam.

The compact laser system based on the PIRANHA III is equipped with a high-precision CNC controlled dividing head. The dividing head can be tilted 90 degrees, enabling the rotation processing on all sides of different workpieces. An integrated collision detector prevents damage to the laser system due to any incorrect operation.

The integrated clamping system is flexible adjustable and works pneumatically. The workpieces to be welded are held by the pneumatic clamping securely in place. The pressure can be adjusted individually so that sensitive components are not damaged.

The protective gas supply can be selected flexibly. The inert gas nozzles can be set quickly and accurately to the welded component and requires no cumbersome conversion measures.

High precision welding with the laser

In the video, sensitive high-pressure stainless steel sensors are welded. The adjustable pneumatic clamping device ensures a sensitive pressure and the necessary precise alignment of the laser. The LAS – Live Adjust System from ACSYS shows a preview high-resolution camera image of the component. Based on this preview the exact weld orientation can be set in advance.

The AC-LASER Software Suite can be configured and programmed according to customer requirements. The AC-LASER offers customized layout programming and sequence programming and also customer-programmable user interfaces to ensure quick and creative working.

PIRANHA® rotary table solution

Detailed view of the precision dividing head and the laser head with infrared illumination ring.Flexible, pneumatic clamping device and CNC controlled dividing head. Top of the picture, the laser optics and infrared ring light for the integrated camera system can be seen.acsys_piranha_Hochpraezises_Laserschweissen_highslide_large_02


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