BARRACUDA® Foil handling

BARRACUDA® Foil handling

The BARRACUDA allows the automatic processing of foils, which are punched and cut in a single working step. The integrated tabletop dividing head and the manually swiveling galvo head – in combination with the camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System setup aid – offer maximum flexibility for both individual workpiece processing and series production.

Foil Handling

The BARRACUDA allows the automatic processing of foils. The foil is automatically pulled into the laser system from its externally installed roll and marked. Then the foil is cut and punched.

Markable laser foils can be used for creating durable markings for heavy wear. This is possible due to an extremely wear-resistant acrylate coating, which is available in various contrasting colors. This special material is resistant against wear, weather and chemicals.

Areas of application for laser foils are the marking of engines, machines or equipment. Laser foils are available both unicolored and multi-colored and can be cut easily and precisely into any desired shape using the laser.

Manually Swiveled Galvo Head

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Integrated Dividing Heads

acsys_barracuda_folienhandling_highslide_large_07-x2acsys_barracuda_folienhandling_highslide_large_08-x2Dividing heads, which are integrated in the laser system, are useful for marking or engraving a large number of similar workpieces along their circumference. The advantage of using dividing heads is the quick setup of the standard settings.

Fixed dividing heads can be installed horizontally, vertically or swiveled.


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