PIRANHA® Foil Handling

PIRANHA® with foil handling

The foil handling PIRANHA works in fully automated mode. The company-internal database connection ensures effective and error-free serial numbers and/or code feeding. The wide variety of design in fonts, barcodes, DataMatrix codes and detailed graphics can be selected in a single-step process by cutting the desired sign shape. This way, a series of signs can be created. Apart from foil handling, the PIRANHA is also able to carry out “normal” marking and engraving tasks.

PIRANHA® with foil handling in action

Laser marked foils are high in contrast and resolution, thus ensuring high reading reliability as well as flexibility regarding the content and geometry. Compared to conventional systems, foil is extremely resistant to thermal, chemical and physical impact.

The high-performance adhesive of the special laser foil ensures an extremely reliable bond on various subsurfaces such as paint, steel, aluminum and many plastics.

High Security Requirements

Automatic foil handling for laser marking and laser cutting.Foil handling The specific material properties of the laser acrylate foil provide effective protection against forgery: The high-performance adhesive substance will prevent any tampering. Tampering will also irreversibly destroy the label. Customized security features, which can either be visible or hidden, can be integrated in the foil using the laser. In combination with the precision of the laser, the highest level of protection against forgery is guaranteed.


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