Dual-Laser & Drawer Solution

SHARK® Dual-Laser and Drawer Solution

Two laser sources, two drawers as well as workpieces that are machined on both sides simultaneously. This system machines large stainless steel cover panels for ceran hobs quickly and very efficiently. The dual-drawer solution allows the parallel loading and unloading of the open drawer at peak times.

When short cycle times are important, a multi-head and multi-laser solution is often required, which processes the workpiece on several sides in a single work step. This example of a customized solution uses several lasers for parallel processing.

The SHARK with a dual-laser and drawer solution processes two cover panels at the same time. A logo and an engraving are created on the top of the workpiece (annealing marking) while the consecutive serial number is engraved on the bottom of the workpiece.

The laser system is based on the SHARK and uses two laser sources and independent traverse mechanisms simultaneously. Two control computers are controlled by the AC-LASER Software Suite.

SHARK® Dual-laser and drawer solution in action

Dual-Drawer Solutions

Bottom drawer open.Top drawer open.The dual-drawer solution allows time-savings when machining workpieces. While one drawer is processed inside the laser system, the other drawer can be loaded outside the system at the same time.

A wide range of very different versions are possible. Pallettizable drawers, drawers with adjustable stops or freely configurable drawers in connection with our OPR – Optical Parts Recognition system, which automatically detects the position and rotational angle of the workpieces before processing them.


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