Laser plastic welding

BARRACUDA® Laser plastic welding

The laser plastic welding system is based on the BARRACUDA and has a reversible rotary table and a pneumatic clamping device. The transparent speedometer panel and housing are fastened in place and welded inside the machine within seconds. The welding system works without any addition of material or additives. Due to the flexible power and pulse design, special pulse shapes and pulse trains for special effects can be created.

Laser Plastic Welding

In industrial manufacturing, every gram of weight counts. Laser technology is used for a wide variety of applications. This example illustrates an innovative application – laser plastic welding of speedometer panels. This process eliminates the need for screws, clamps or glue. The new fiber laser technology uses a large focal depth. As a result, process-tolerant welding is possible even if the materials have different wall thicknesses or are not entirely square during the welding process.

Precision fastening device.Precision fastening device.Precision fastening device.


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Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. The AC-LASER Software Suite is the ideal software package for the machining of material using the laser.

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We can offer you machine extensions using different options provided by ACSYS in order to configure the perfect production equipment for your specific requirements.

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