One-Piece-Flow Solution

PIRANHA® One-Piece-Flow

The PIRANHA One-Piece-Flow has been specifically designed for the principle of an employee-based work flow. Strict requirements for design dimensions forced ACSYS engineers to fit the One-Piece-Flow concept into a very compact housing. A 400 mm rotary table has three stations: a loading and unloading station outside the machine as well as the process station.

The user can freely select the direction of rotation of the rotary table. A touchscreen at the front of the machine is used for operating the machine with the AC-LASER Software.


Detail view of the PIRANHA One-Piece-FlowOne-Piece-Flow is a principle of employee-based work flow. It is a combination of manufacturing and/or processing steps with the aim of avoiding batch size manufacturing.

Unlike a conventional conveyor belt, employees do not stay in one place while a part is being moved to the next station for processing.

Instead, they accompany the workpiece along its entire route, which leads continuously from one work system to the next until the production has been completed.


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