Rotary Table Solution

PIRANHA® Rotary Table Solution

The PIRANHA III with rotary table has been developed for the quick and effective marking of carbide tools. The laser system is designed for high flexibility. Whether you want to automatically machine palletized workpieces or efficiently manufacture individual pieces, this PIRANHA is unique due to its range of productivity-increasing accessories and options.

The compact laser system is based on the PIRANHA III and equipped with a reversible rotary table. This way, the system can be loaded while workpieces are processed inside the machine. Due to the integrated light barrier, the user is protected against accidentally reaching into the machine because the rotary table stops immediately when the light barrier is interrupted.

A side door with a safety switch allows the user easy handling of the manually adjustable galvo head. The manually swiveling galvo head allows the horizontal and vertical laser machining of workpieces, thereby broadening the system´s range of machinable workpieces.

An integrated collision detector prevents damage to the laser system due to any incorrect operation.

The company´s in-house database connection and a barcode scanner at the machine allows the quick and easy detection of order details and is responsible for the software-related programming of the system.

Company in-house Database Connection

The company´s in-house database connection combined with, for example, a hand-held scanner for barcodes or DataMatrix codes, allows the quick and easy detection of order details directly at the laser workstation.

The AC-LASER Software Suite can be configured and programmed according to customer requirements. The AC-LASER offers customized layout programming and sequence programming and also customer-programmable user interfaces to ensure quick and creative working.

PIRANHA® Rotary Table Solution

acsys_piranha_rundtischloesung_highslide_large_01-x2acsys_piranha_rundtischloesung_highslide_large_02-x2Detail view of the rotary table.


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