ORCAμ – High Precision Laser Machining Center

6.5 tons total weight for maximum precision on a processing area of 710 x 710 mm. The ORCAμ has been specially developed for high-precision applications.

The massive, vibration-free granite bed in interaction with the granite Z-axis forms the basis for highest precision in laser processing. The high-precision cross table with precision drives and glass scales guarantee highest accuracy in any position.

The ORCA μ can be optionally equipped with electrical precision dividing heads and thus provides μ-precise laser machining in all 3 dimensions.

The optional EAGLE EYE laser scanning unit allows the user the contact-free digitization of a wide range of very different surfaces. Stack processing using special clamping devices or the OPR – Optical Part Recognition feature allow the fully automated machining of many parts in a single working step. The extraordinary precision of the ORCA®µ make it a unique tool with numerous application options for achieving maximum accuracy.

(Sample configurations can contain options.)

High-Precision Z-Axis of ORCA Micron.

An engineer at the Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU in Chemnitz is preparing a series of experiments.

A picosecond laser in ORCAμ in action.

Inside ORCA®μ

The LAS - Live Adjust System in ORCAμ. High-precision camera preview with special lighting systems.The interior of the ORCAμ. High-precision cross table and a Z-axis embedded in granite.The flexible spaciousness of ORCAμ offers the user a variety of possibilities of laser processing.

The cross table with a size of 600 x 600 mm moves on a granite base and meets the highest demands on precision during laser processing. Glass scales guarantee a temperature-independent linear measurement.

The ORCA®μ with Adjustable Control Panel

The ORCA®μ with adjustable control panel The ORCA®μ with adjustable control panel The ORCA®μ with adjustable control panel

Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras and Dual-Camera Preview

PIRANHA® µ with an exact preview of a punching die through the laser beam.LAS - Live Adjust System® dual-camera (external + internal through the laser beam).The LAS – Live Adjust System® camera set-up module by ACSYS makes working with the laser very efficient.

The high-resolution camera shows the preview of the workpiece that is to be machined on the computer screen. The AC-LASER Software offers you the options of designing and positioning text as well as 2D and 3D data directly on the image of the workpiece. It also allows the easy and precise definition of contours for frostings.

The laser marks, engraves and frosts exactly according to your design template and the material specifications that have been specified in the software.

Dual Cameras

Our dual-camera solution offers maximum precision. In addition to the external camera, an ultra-high-resolution camera offers a preview of the workpiece straight through the laser beam.

LAS Dual with a straight camera.

LAS Dual with a straight camera.

LAS Dual with a camera at an angle.

LAS Dual with a camera at an angle.


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