PIRANHA®µ – Compact High Precision

The PIRANHAµ has been specifically developed for the minting industry and high-precision applications. This laser system combines up to five solutions for specific requirements of the coin-producing industry in a very compact housing.

The Disciplines* of the PIRANHA®µ

  • Digitizing:
    Plaster models, stamping dies, coins, medals and other surfaces can be scanned with extreme precision.
  • 3D laser engraving:
    Three-dimensional surface structures can be lasered on a wide range of very different materials and directly on coin minting stamps.
  • Micro engraving:
    Authenticity certification within the µ-range.
  • Frosting and surface structuring:
    Selective frosting and novel visual effects are possible due to the precise structuring and texturing of surfaces.
  • Edge marking:
    Laser engraving of rolling tools and knurling tools.

* Applications may require special options.

The PIRANHA®µ in Action

Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras and Dual-Camera Preview

PIRANHA® µ with an exact preview of a punching die through the laser beam.Ultra-high-resolution dual-camera systems by ACSYS.The high-resolution camera shows the preview of the workpiece that is to be machined on the computer screen. The AC-LASER Software offers you the options of designing and positioning text as well as 2D and 3D data directly on the image of the workpiece. It also allows the easy and precise definition of contours for frostings.

The laser marks, engraves and frosts exactly according to your design template and the material specifications that have been specified in the software.

Dual Cameras

Our dual-camera solution offers maximum precision. In addition to the external camera, an ultra-high-resolution camera offers a preview of the workpiece straight through the laser beam.

LAS Dual with a straight camera.

LAS Dual with a straight camera.

LAS Dual with a camera at an angle.

LAS Dual with a camera at an angle.

Digitalizing and Depth Control System

Schematic illustration of the ODC - Online Depth Contro

Laser digitizing as well as online depth control are based on the technology of conoscopic holography and allow the creation of extremely precise digital 3D images of all kinds of surfaces, plaster models, dies or actual coins and medals.

The resulting 3D file can be used for production and reproduction and can easily be processed in the AC-LASER Software and other CAD software programs. The advantages of this contact-free method are high speed and small measuring grid distances. Perfect accuracy of 2 µm can be achieved with the replaceable lens system.

The ODC – Online Depth Control works according to the same principle as the digitization and offers a highly precise visual control of the removed material during 3D engraving. Learn More

Schematic illustration of the ODC – Online Depth Control

A = set depth
B = actual depth

Precision and Efficiency

PIRANHA® µ: Clamping device for stamping dies.TPIRANHA® µ: Clamping device for punching dies.he PIRANHA®µ offers the user a variety of functions for the production of coin minting stamps and punching dies. Apart from manufacturing individual pieces, the PIRANHA®µ also allows the series production of stamping tools in a single working step. The blanks are fixed in place with different clamping devices.

The programming and manufacturing of individual pieces are carried out using the camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System®. This way, several 3D laser engravings, surface structurings and frostings of different die blanks can be produced in a single working step.

The special traversing axes with glass scales, the granite portal and the granite table, which is embedded in polymer concrete, all ensure extraordinary precision.

(Sample configurations can contain options.)


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