ACSYS LASERTECHNIK US And Intaglio Mint Produce IMTS 2016 Challenge Coin

ACSYS Lasertechnik US Inc.

Acsys laser 2016 ITMS coin

Using an ACSYS Lasertechnik Piranha FL20S Laser System with the ACSYS 3D Laser Engraving module, Intaglio Mint and ACSYS Lasertechnik created a unique challenge coin as an example of their market leading capabilities and technology.

In a collaborative effort Intaglio and ACSYS were able to create a coin with with 3D engraving, Micro-Text, 2D-3D visual effects, patented coin & die frosting and the ACSYS black / white surface treatment.

These design features were made possible by the use of the precision laser engraving processes which have revolutionized the minting industry in the last decade.  With laser beam spot sizes ranging from 15-80 Micron  in diameter (0.00059“ – 0.00314“) the features produced would not be possible with conventional manufacturing equipment.  This combined with the patented frosting and surface treatments the possibilities for die manufacturing and coining have become much more cost effective and secure than in years past.  Adam Nelson of ACSYS Lasertechnick states:

Acsys Laser 2016 ITMS Challenge Coin Back“With the ability to process hardened ground steels directly with the ACSYS laser technology along with the advancements in 3D engraving, frosting and micro features the cost reductions are substantial and the design possibilities for die and coin design are nearly endless.”

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