“Fortuna Redux” – The first collar-design coin in the world!

ACSYS Lasertechnik US Inc.

The third side of the coin.

The new area of exploration for computer and laser technologies.
A joint venture with the Polish Mint in Warsaw.

From the original drawing to the finished die, the Birth of a coin is a complex process. The Polish Mint and ACSYS show you new possibilities beyond conventional paths.

Join us now on a journey from the initial idea to the finished extraordinary coin made with unparalleled technology.

The idea of this coin came from the passion to create a unique design, that would give the birth to a third sided coin. The Idea and Design was developed at the Polish Mint in Warsaw. The five-member team led by Siemowit Kalukiewicz has created a unique design for a very special coin. The result is a complete new shape factor – The first Collar Design Coin in the world.

To bring the coin to life, a third dimension is needed and for this reason the team chose to work with the very latest CAD software and combine traditional methods to obtain the highest possible detail and quality. Characteristic details and fine detail are handcrafted by one of the best plaster model sculptors.

After hand finishing, the plaster model is laser-digitized to capture the most amazing detail to an accuracy of a few microns.

For the Background an artist created a 3D CAD model from 2D sketches, then the digitized plaster model and the CAD created background are now merged to a highly intricate 3D model of the coin using the software.

After finishing the 3D data on the computer, the next step is the production of the working dies. The production of the individual tools are entirely made using the laser processing tool. 3D laser engraving allows three-dimensional surface ablation on a wide range of materials with outstanding quality. Since there is no contact whatsoever between the laser and the work piece, the advantage over conventional CNC engraving is obvious: No tool wear, no tool changes, and no tool breakage. The high level of precisely charged laser energy makes it possible to engrave previously hardened materials while providing a working beam diameter of up to 20 µm.

All laser engraved parts are cleaned and sandblasted. The next step is the surface structuring and frosting of the dies using the laser once again. The frosting areas are either imported or created directly in the laser system, the exact positioning of the frosting areas are ensured by a high-precision camera system that shows a live picture of the die in full on the screen.

After chroming in the electroplating bath, some working surfaces of the dies are now frosted again. The result of frosting after chroming shows a completely new optical effect. The reverse stamping tools also receives these unprecedented techniques for unconventional effects on the final coin.

During the production, the Striking and Finishing is both technically challenging and of paramount importance to the production of the coin. The die set is now completed and ready for striking. After all parts of the die set have been assembled into the stamping system the blanks are now prepared. The striking process itself involves several steps in order to achieve the highest possible surface quality of the coin.

The minted coins will now be cleaned and receive selective gold plating. Every coin is hallmarked using micro laser engraving to give each coin a unique identification and security feature.

With the packaging the life of an extraordinary coin made with unparalleled technology starts an unknown future in the hands of collectors, in luxury presentation cases or exhibition spaces all over the world.

Fortuna Redux

The coin talisman for a prosperity in business. Mercury, god of tradesmen and travelers, was often depicted on Poman coins. He has been believed to bring good luck in business and commerce, and his winged staff caduceus protected merchants. Roman depiction of Mercury was often accompanied by the inscription Fortuna Redux, which meant happy coming home from business meeting or a trip.

On the reverse:

an image of gold coin with the effigy of Mercury, in the background – a map of galaxy.

On the obverse:

an image of Mercury, next to it an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the face value: 50 Dollars. In the background – a map of the world with elements symbolized travelling. Along the rim – the inscriptions: 2013 (the year of the issue), Niue Island (the issuer), Ag 999 (the alloy).

On the third side of the coin:

an stylized image of Mercury’s legs with god’s wings, in the background – a map of the world with elements symbolized traveling.

  • Issuer: Niue Island
  • Face Value: 50 Dollar
  • Material: Ag 999
  • Quality: Proof
  • Decoration: Selective gilding
  • Diameter: 32 mm
  • Height: 22,1 mm
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Mintage: Up to 2500 pcs.
  • Year of issue: 2013