“Seven New Wonders of the World” – The first spherical coin in the world!

ACSYS Lasertechnik US Inc.

“Seven New Wonders of the World” is the first spherical coin minted by Mint of Poland! The tools for this are created completely on a laser system from ACSYS.

Technological limits are not static.

In the past, the Mint of Poland demonstrated this several times in an impressive ways. Where a few years ago coins had only two sides, the ingenuity and innovative power of a small team in the heart of Warsaw and the technical expertise of a ACSYS Lasertechnik has revolutionized the world of coins.

The driving force behind this technical revolution are the advancments or laser technology. The precision 3D laser engraving on free-form surfaces and the patented Laser frosting process by ACSYS allowed the third dimension of the coin.

The latest creation of the Mint of Poland is the biggest technical challenge until today in the field of coinage – THE SPHERE. This documentation takes you on the journey of the creation of this most extraordinary coin in the world.

Face value 7 New Zealand dollars
Niue Legal Tender
Metal Ag 999
Size 34.00 mm
Weight 7 oz
Mintage up to 1,007 pcs
Issuer Niue
Quality proof
Date of issue June 2015