SIG SAUER Piranha Success Story

ACSYS Lasertechnik US Inc.

White on black – a clear case for the PIRANHA precision laser machine

ACSYS laser systems engrave with razor-sharp precision


The PIRANHA 1 laser processing system.

Markings on the adjustment rings of telescopic sights and scopes have to be white, extremely precise and clearly legible from all angles. The PIRANHA 1 laser processing system from ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH (Kornwestheim, Germany) has the answer to all these requirements. Over the last few months, the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics division (Portland, Oregon, USA) has been using this system to engrave markings on their products. As a result, component production has increased and more components are being manufactured in-house. A great result all round. “Along with engraving the adjustment wheels on our telescopic sights and scopes, we were also keen to offer our customers more customized products” Says Josh Vail, Design Engineer at the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division, when discussing the reasons behind the company’s decision to buy the new laser system. The specifications are very precise as the white figures and fillings have to be applied to the black anodized aluminum in a single process. Josh Vail tested a range of machines from a number of laser system manufacturers. In these tests, the start-up company focused on the quality and precision of the marking, which had to be high resolution and very white. The US company was looking for a powerful system that was also flexible, with user-friendly software. Josh Vail also expected excellent customer service, where his company would not be treated like a number but where there would be a close, trusting relationship for the entire lifecycle of the machine.

His research led him to check out a number of German manufacturers. When the test pieces were lasered by ACSYS, he was very impressed:

“The ACSYS applications were the best. The marking results were very impressive – really sharp. It was looking good.”

The next step was to make direct contact with Adam Nelson, the Sales Engineer at ACSYS Lasertechnik US, in order to try out the software. A lengthy video conference allowed the customer to gain a clear understanding of all the software functions. “Applying the fillings and figures is very easy and the 360-degree process is simple,” was the conclusion after the online test. This video conference also set the tone for ACSYS’ customer service, as subsequent contacts with an engineer proved to be equally straightforward and uncomplicated.

Once the order had been placed, ACSYS provided the customer with a rental machine to tide them over – a PIRANHA II fitted with a Live Adjust System (LAS). Josh Vail looks back with satisfaction:

“After a couple of months of using the ACSYS laser processing system, we’ve come to realize that we can achieve fast, consistent results.”


The PIRANHA II fitted with a Live Adjust System.

One of the things that has made this success possible is the enormous flexibility of the ACSYS PIRANHA laser processing system, which is fitted with a low-maintenance, Class 1 fiber laser for very precise marking. The compact precision laser machine measures 700 x 1,600 x 1,000 mm, weighs 550 kg and can mark and engrave items weighing up to 40 kg. It is the perfect addition to the existing machine pool at SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division, a company that was founded in 2012 and which specializes in the development, prototyping and marking of adjustment rings for precision telescopic sights and electronic scopes. Working with the high-resolution LAS reduces the time and effort required to set up the machines – a huge advantage when dealing with small lot sizes. The layout can be positioned very precisely because the preview function on the screen shows what it will look like on the component.  No additional measurements are required. The component is fixed in place, the text, graphics or 3D models are zoomed and aligned, and then the laser marking can begin. This means the process is fast, reliable and very flexible. Josh Vail is very impressed:


“The high-resolution camera system on the rental machine was excellent during day-to-day operations, so we ordered a similar system for the new machine.”

Another option that was also worth its weight in gold was the double focusing system. This system shows at a glance whether the laser machining head has the correct focal distance to the workpiece. It also allows the correct focal distance to be calculated on surfaces that are difficult to access.

Josh Vail sums it all up: “It’s clear that with the PIRANHA and its additional tools we have acquired a high-performance, flexible laser system that also allows us to process components ourselves and so expand our product range. We are now planning to start manufacturing our own telescopic sights in addition to the adjustment rings”.

Technical details

Housing: Class 1 laser
Dimensions W/D/H (mm): 700 x 1,600 x 1,000
Approx. weight (kg): 550
Max. workpiece weight (kg): 40
Travel x/y/z (mm): 0 x 0 x 180
Equipment specifications: LAS – Live Adjust System; double focusing system; dividing head – can be manually tilted

Contact details

ACSYS Lasertechnik USA
8224 Nieman Rd
Lenexa, Ks 66214
Phone 816-299-1782
Phone 847-246-2394

SIG SAUER Electro-Optics
19861 SW 95th Ave.
Portland, OR 97062
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